BeYu Crystal Lip Gloss- Soft Apricot Shimmer (38) review & swatches

ABOUT: Lip gloss with glitter particles and a touch of color in a stylish tube!
The lips sparkle like crystals and become the center of attraction of any party make-up. The soft shades give only a hint of color on the lips without stealing the show of the glitter particles. Thanks to the non-sticky texture, the gloss can be applied easily and evenly. The colors vary from a decent shimmer to an extreme glitter look!



PACKAGING:The packaging is simple with an elongated tube which is transparent.It has to be squeezed to get the gloss out.No wand or applicator is provided.


SHADE:The shade is a gorgeous pink peach with golden shimmer in it.The shimmer adds sheen to lips.



MY VIEWS:I like the golden sheen that the gloss imparts to the lips making them look healthy and a bit pouty.The gloss has a smooth texture.The formula is hydrating and mositurising.It goes on smoothly on lips and the shimmer present is very subtle though visible on lips.




On application,I feel mild tingling effect that goes away within seconds.Though,the gloss doesn’t lead to any lip pouting or such,it does make them appear full because of the high shine it provides.The shade is sheer and adds shine and no colour.It stays for about 2 hours on my lips.However,the shimmer stays even after wards.



RECOMMENDATION:It is pricey for the just being a shine high shine gloss.The formula is great but I would have appreciated if it had some colour as well.


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