MUA False Eyelashes- Sassy review & EOTD

I have always loved dramatic eye looks and fuller lashes but never tried false lashes for any of my looks.This is my first hand on false lashes and I am highly impressed by the quality and usage of these!!


ABOUT:A unique combination of separate bundles and cross over lashes and dramatic winged outer corner combine for a full and fabulous effect for a dramatic look.
If properly cared for, lashes can be reshaped or adorned if desired. Lash glue included.



PRICE:Regular Price: £2.00

£1.00.These are available at for rs.549!!!!


PACKAGING:The eyelashes come in a rectangular black casing with transparent lid.A small glue tube is provided along with the lashes.


MY VIEWS:Sassy is quite dramatic and voluminous so good for night outs and parties.The band is quite thick but applies well and is easy to hold onto lashes.It is light weight and blends well with the natural lashes.These are easy to apply and stick well without ruining the eye look.The adhesive that comes along is also good and non-irritating.I love the way these lashes look on my eyes and make the eye look all the more attractive.



The size of the lashes almost fits and I never felt any itching while applying these.The y stays throughout the day or as long as I want them.




RECOMMENDATION:These are a must have.I would prefer a bit more natural ones for me but these are simply flawless.Highly recommended!!

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