Eye Makeup Look-Shimmery Pink & black with a touch of Blue…


I recently wore this look at a night party and everyone complimented for it.So,thought of  sharing the look with you guys.Have  a look!!


1. Prep and prime your eyelids.

2.Apply maybelline color tattoo tenacious teal as base color all over the lids till crease. This shade is really pretty and makes for a good base as it reflects blue shade with other colours.

3. Now,take a shimmery pastel pink.I used Deborah milano mono eye shadow with a damp brush as it gets intensified that way and is easy to apply without any fallouts.

page 1 

4. Apply the shimmery pink on 2/3rd  inner lid.

5. Next,apply a black shade in the outer 1/3rd eyelid and blend it into the crease.

6. Now,take a champagne shade and apply it on the brow bone.


page 2 

7. Blend the champagne shade with the black in the crease.

Apply the same shade in the inner corners of the eye and the black shade in the outer lower lid.

8. Tight line the upper and lower waterline.

9. Apply liner and loads of mascara.


The resultant look:


Products used:






I love how the blue shade deepens the look and the way it mixes with the shimmery pink.

Hope you liked it

Do comment and share your views!!



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