Max Factor Kohl Pencil-cobalt blue(80) review,swatches & EOTD

ABOUT:Defines eye shape and adds colour. Can be used as a liner or eye shadow when smudged.

Key claims:Soft so as to not drag skin.Firm enough to define eye shape.


Reason to believe: Formulated to be soft enough to use under your lashes and on your eyelids.

Works well with Earth Spirits EyeShadow,All mascaras,Eyebrow Pencil

PRICE:rs.250 for 1.2gms.


PACKAGING:Packaging is simple with a pencil body having a cap.



COBALT BLUE:The shade is a true cobalt blue having matte finish.It is very striking.


TEXTURE,FINISH & STAYING POWER:The texture of the kohl isnt very creamy but soft enough to swipe thrught h eyes.It is soft in nature.It provides a matte finish which I simply adore for the shade.Teh kohl stays for about 6-7 hours without any fading or budging when applied on lids but when used as a kohl on the waterline,the staying power reduces to around 4 hours.



The shade is such that it is hard to go unnoticed.It is decently pigmented and speaks for itself.I have used it on the waterline as well as on lids and the result is very prominent.



It has to be sharpened for more crisp line.I haven’t smudged it but i feel that the formula is such that it may not smudge properly.


  • Easy travel friendly packaging.
  • Smooth texture.
  • Neither very creamy nor very drying.
  • Stays for a decent amount of time on eyelids.
  • A different shade to add spark.
  • Did not irritate when applied on waterline.
  • Matte finish.
  • Easy to sharpen.


  • Has to be sharpened.
  • The staying power reduces when it is applied on the waterline.


RECOMMENDATION: I am very much impressed by this kohl pencil as it has the right formula which isnt very creamt that it forms a layer on eyelid nor very dry that it is difficult ot swipe.It is decently priced and available in brown,black,green as well.Cobalt blue is a vry unique and a fun shade to try!!

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