Kaya’s Permanent Hair Reduction Service



Get ready for a life with no sleeves attached

Try Kaya’s Permanent Hair Reduction Service at the cost of waxing today!


With summer already in our lives, it is that time of the year to bring out all the halters, racer backs, spaghetti tops and others of the same race. But what is changing this summer is that you will enjoy the freedom to wear anything you want, anytime you want and bid adieu to tedious monthly waxing appointments!

To help you win the dare of going sleeveless for this summer and all other seasons, Kaya invites you for a session of their revolutionary Permanent Laser Hair Reduction service at the cost of waxing.

You can avail of this limited period offer in the months of May and June to get freedom from unwanted underarm hair forever. To add to the excitement, you could also choose to avail of the remaining 6 session package at a 48% discount!

While waxing may seem to cost less per session, it costs more than laser hair reduction in the long run. The table below gives you a comparison between waxing and laser costs.

Area for Waxing Waxing (cost per session in Rs.) Total expense over 25 years in Rs.) Kaya LHR

(In Rs.)

Approximate Savings
Underarms 85 51,000 15,300 + 7,200 = 22,500 28,500*
Full Legs 400 2,40,000 61,200 + 35,400 = 96,600 1,43,400*




–          Kaya’s Permanent Laser Hair Reduction reduces the number and thickness of unwanted hair.

–          Laser Hair Reduction service provided by Kaya uses US FDA approved ND YAG laser technology, that has been certified to be highly safe for Indian skin.

So visit your nearest Kaya Skin Clinic today and get ready to enjoy a carefree summer with no sleeves attached!

Note : Sent by brand PR

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