*Summery Blue* Eye look-Step by Step Tutorial <3

Hey girls,i haven’t done any eye look since a long time so thought of sharing one of my favourite looks for summers using the shade Blue……….<3

I have used coastal scents hot pots for this look..

Lets begin:

1. Apply a matte aqua blue shade on 2/3 rd of the eye lid.

step 1

2. Apply a  deep blue(any dark shade of blue) on the crease defining the crease.

step 2

3.Now ,i used a teal metallic blue shade in the outer corners of the eyelids.

step 3

4.Using the same shade,i blended out the deep blue shade slightly above the crease.It looks a bit messy here but a highlighter shade will blend out all the uneveness.

step 4 

5.Next,i applied a shimmery taupe shade for highlighting the brows.It goes very well with the blue shades used.Blend the shade with the darker shade to create harmony.

step 5 

6. I defined the crease by adding the same deep blue shade again.

By wiper motion across the crease. It is looking very dull till this time and needs an upliftment.Check next step!! 🙂

step 6 

7. Define your brows.I used this matte brown shade from Oriflame beauty trio.It suits me a lot.I tightlined my wayerline and you can now notice the difference!!

step 7 

8. Draw a thinnest possible line across the lids.Add coats of mascara and voila!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are done!! 🙂

step 8

I created a collage of the look..hope you like it!!




~CS hot pot M12.

~CS hot pot S23.

~CS hot pot ME 02.

~CS hot pot  ME 10.

~Deborah milano hi tech mascara.

~Deborah milano extra eye pencil 01.

~Maybelline hypersharp eye liner.

~Oriflame beauty trio shimmering bronze.




Hope you like this look..do comment and share your views!!!


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