Max Factor False Lash Effect Fusion Mascara-review and look~~


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:Our mega volumising brush has been fused with our ultimate length formula to deliver incredible lash glamour.

It’s a winning, wowing combination: both volumizing AND lengthening effects means you can create a more impactful look than ever before. It’s set to become the must-have miracle for dramatic eyes.

Max Factor’s Award Winning Make-up Artist, Caroline Barnes: “It’s a fantastic product for the girl who demands it all! It delivers super full thick lashes, yet stretches the length too. There are no rules! You can wear it every day at work for a natural make-up look or layered up in the evenings to compliment a smoky eye for extreme lash glamour.


PRICE: Rs.690 for 13.1 ml.


PACKAGING:The mascara has a fat purple coloured tube with a big wand.The bristles are packed and the mascara never stays at the mouth of the tube which i really like.

FORMULA: The formula is pretty impressive.It is neither too thick nor very runny.It gives ample times for applying further coats and dries out nicely.I was really impressed by the wand as it doesnt make marks on my eyelids while applying mascara that is always a problem in some mascara.However,it is sometimes difficult to coat very sparse lashes ar thise that asre near the tear duct as the wand is huge for those areas.It piicks up right amount for one coat.


PERFORMANCE: I am impressed by the overall performance of the mascara.It does add volume and lenghten the lashes to a great extent  BUT my Loreal volume million lashes mascar still scroes 5 on 5.

One coat of the mascar lenghtwns the lashes and further coats adds volume.It never clumps no matter how many coats you add!! I really love the effect.


It can also be used as an everyday wear mascara by using only one coat.It doesnt give the full false lash effect but does add volume and length.

L:before ,R: after

L:before ,R: after

Staying power is around 6-7 hours .It is definitely waterproof!!!!!!!!!





  • Attractive packaging.
  • the formula is great.
  • decent staying power.
  • doesn’t clump.
  • volumize and lengthen lashes.
  • waterproof.
  • the wand stays neat.
  • the mascara doesn’t clump at the mouth of the tube.
  • can be used for a natural look as well as for thick lashes.
  • provides a neat look to the lashes and doesn’t make marks on the eyelids.



  • doesn’t give exactly false lash effect.
  • the wand is not able to  cover sparse or lashes near the tear duct.


RECOMMENDATION: It is a great mascara but i would have preferred if it had add a bit more volume.I does volumize and lengthen to a great extent but the false lash effect are too much for this. Altogether,a decent working mascara with a  good formula.


4 thoughts on “Max Factor False Lash Effect Fusion Mascara-review and look~~

  1. This mascara reminds me so much of my covergirl clump crusher mascara that I just did a review on, tell me if you agree!
    I think this adds more drama, I def. want to try it out!

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