Max Factor Max Effect dip in eye shadow-06 Party Lime review,swatches & EOTD

I wanted to try a lime green shade since a long time but wasn’t able to find one that could use.When,i saw this dip in shadow from Max Factor,i thought of  giving it a try and now,i must say,it is a great shade and a great shadow!!!


ABOUT :Give your eyes a shot of intense, vibrant colour with Max Effect Dip in Eye Shadow. No shrinking violets, these 8 bold, modern colours range from green and purple to blue and pink. With its pearl and colour pigments, they provide a flash of colour and the perfect way to dip in and out of the latest fashion trends!


The precision sponge-tipped applicator is ideal for applying loose eye shadow powder, opening up the eyes with vibrant flashes of colour. To emphasise the lower eyelash margin, use the Dip-In Eye Shadow on the lower lashes. Perfect for lots of flirty fluttering!

PRICE: Rs.510


PACKAGING:The packaging is similar to Maybelline shadow stylist that was launched way back.They come in these small conical pots and a  precision sponge tip applicator that picks up loose pigment eyeshadow and eases the application !!


PARTY LIME; THE SHADE: The shade is a gorgeous and refreshing lime green with minute golden shimmer that adds to the beauty of the shade.Since,this is a pigment eyeshadow ,it is decently pigmented and the shade pops out its beauty!!!


TEXTURE,FINISH & STAYING POWER: The texture of the eye shadow is smooth and the shimmer present is non-gritty.


The applicator does help in applying the pigment eyeshadow resulting in less fallout.I find it difficult to apply this without any proper base .With base,it intensifies and adheres for a  longer period!



The finish is pearly and it looks very beautiful!!

It is easy to blend with other products and eye shadows of different finishes and textures..


This is a very beautiful shade but i don’t wear it much as it is very loud and bold and i like neutral looks more !!

Staying power is around 4-5 hours without nay base and 8-9 hours with primer and a similar shade base!!


  • Handy,travel friendly packaging.
  • has less fallout.
  • the shimmer present is not at all gritty.
  • great summery shade.
  • decently pigmented.
  • decent staying power with a base.
  • blends well with other shadows.



  • has a bit of fallout.
  • slightly expensive.
  • might be streaky for some.


RATING: 3.5/5

RECOMMENDATION: It is a great product provided you can carry such shade but altogether it is a fun product to have in vanity!!!





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