Oriflame Hyper Stretch Mascara review and pics



ABOUT THE MASCARA:Created for the modern woman, who wants to make an instant statement without damaging her eyelashes, this innovative product increases the length of the lash instantly.

The brand’s first mascara with the boosting effects of Pro Long ComplexTM, Oriflame Hyper Stretch Mascara stimulates Keratin production and compliments the natural growth cycle of the lashes to make them grow stronger and healthier in just 4 weeks*.

A perfect combination of the ultra elastic formula and lash extending fiber brush, the mascara instantly lengthens each lash by upto 65% with a precise definition and separation. The easy-to-work applicator delivers a smudge and flake free stay throughout the day, which can be applied daily without worrying.


Oriflame Hyper Stretch Mascara is a wondrous product which comes in a compact cylindrical bottle that fits perfectly into one’s handbag.
PRICE: Rs.398 for 8ml.
PACKAGING: The mascara has a green cylindrical body with Hyper stretch written in bold silver!! The packaging is convenient and travel friendly.Also,the best part is that the mascara doesn’t settle at the mouth of the bottle.
THE WAND: The bristles of the mascara are small and very different and packed in a curve kind of shape.The bristles are not very dense but separated.
MY EXPERIENCE: Well.i like the overall performance of the mascara.It does lengthen my lashes to certain extent but there is no drastic change.
What makes me come back to this again and again is the fact that the formula of the mascara is simply fabulous.It is reallly light weight.2 strokes and you get decent amount of  lengthening.
I dont feel like i am applying anything and still the result is great.
The consistency of the formula is neither too thick nor very runny.Also,it gives ample time for another quote and dries out properly.
I feel that it clumps my lashes a bit.Staying power is around 5-6 hours which is fine for me.
It is water resistant ans water proof!!???????????????????????????????
The wand is also great for the fact that it covers all the lashes,even smaller ones properly.
I am not sure about the claims of lash growth and health!!!!
  • reasonable.
  • the formula is very light.
  • lengthens the lashes .
  • decent amount of staying power.
  • water resistant.
  • water proof.
  • covers minor lashes also.
  • need an oriflame representative.
  • clumps a bit.
  • no drastic change in the lashes.
RECOMMENDATION: It is a nice everyday mascara,not a must have but worth trying at the price it comes!!

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