Deborah Milano 24 ore perfect EYE PRIMER review & swatches


PRODUCT CLAIMS:Make-up perfection starts with a perfect primer.
24Ore Perfect Eye Primer is a smoothing base that forms an invisible film over the lids, leaving a luminous, even-toned ‘canvas’.

PRICE: Rs.495 for 8 ml.


PACKAGING: The primer comes in a small black tube with a nozzle that helps in dispensing the amount required.Ingredients are mentioned at the back of the tube.



TEXTURE,FINISH & STAYING POWER: A drop of the primer is sufficient for covering one eye uptil the eyebrows.It is colorless.

The texture of the primer is smooth and glides on easily on eyes.It gets completely absorbed when applied.

I would like to mention that this primer basically helps in increasing the staying power as well as pigmentation of the eyeshadows but it doesnt work on improving the fine lines of the eyes.

It increases the staying power of the eyeshadows to a great extend.A clear proof of this is the eyemakeup done in the pics you can see below:


I have taken these pics at around 14:47 in the afternoon and i did this makeup at around 07:30 in the morning which is round about 7 hours and my eye makeup is still fresh and this could continue till 3-4 hours more.


Now,you can see the difference between the pigmentation level of the two swatches.These swatches are of one shade only.The left one is without primer and the right one is with primer.It increases the pigmentation almost 3 times which is just fabulous.


Also,the upper swatch is without and the lower swatch is with primer.



  • Increases the staying power of the eye makeup .
  • Increases the pigmentation of the  eye shadows.
  • goes on smoothly on eye lids.
  • prevents creasing.
  • attractive packaging.
  • travel-friendly.
  • the nozzle helps in dispensing the right amount of product needed.


  • does not do anything on the fine lines of the eyes.


RECOMMENDATION: Absolutely highly recommended.

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